Pay-What-You-Can Training

We are in the middle of a severe economic downturn which has reduced training budgets and increased the need for people to learn new skills.

Unfortunately, the typical cost of training is $500 per day which is often too much for individuals to pay.

Pay-What-You-Can training is an effort to address this shortcoming by giving people the option to pay what they want for training.

Pay-What-You-Can training events focus on keeping costs low by taking place in free or low cost venues and asking participants to bring their own supplies and laptops.   Participants are asked to pay what they can for training at the end of the event.  The typical language used is: “At the end of the course the instructor will hand out an envelope to every participant and the participant will pay what they can. The requested contribution is $200-$0 (please pay at mid range or higher if possible).”

Pay-What-You-Can training is similar in style and philosophy to WelfareCSM.

The first Pay-What-You-Can training event will take place on October 26, 2010 in Waltham, MA. I will be teaching a one day course on Test-Driven Development in VS2010.  The event web site is: