Scrum Paper Plane Exercise

Building paper planes is an excellent way to learn about Scrum’s ‘Inspect and Adapt’ principle. To use this activity in a teaching session, you will need to provide participants with sheets of paper to build planes.  You can also provide them with paper plane instructions or you can let them design their own planes. Divide the participants into groups of four and ask each one to build a different plane.  Then the participants should throw the planes and record which one travels the greatest distance and which one travels the least distance. The group should then inspect and adapt.  They should modify their planes, teach each other how to throw the planes more effectively, and so on. Once they have made modifications, they should throw the…

Questions an Agile Coach Might Ask

Here are questions that an agile coach might ask before working with you and your organization: * Tell me about your company. * Tell me about your role. * How does your company make money? * How does your company develop software today? * How does your company implement new training programs? * What is the decision process for selecting a coach? * Why are you planning to adopt Scrum? * If you do not successfully adopt Scrum, what might the negative consequences be? * What benefits do you expect to experience from transitioning to Scrum? * On a scale of 1 to 5, how urgent is your need to transition to Scrum? * What problems are there with your current development process? * When…

Lyssa Adkins on Becoming Agile

Lyssa Adkins has two extraordinary YouTube videos on the transition from project manager to agile coach: * Part 1 * Part 2

Agile User Group Meeting

On September 23, the Agile Boston User Group held its monthly meeting. The event featured an introductory talk by Mike Dwyer of Big Visible, live music from Dan Hermes, and a great talk by Johanna Rothman.

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Introduction to Agile: Schedule and Agenda

I believe that agile games are the best way to create the conditions for soul shifting personal and organizational transformation. All of my agile courses are centered around games. The agenda below shows the schedule of a typical one day Introduction to Agile course. The day features half a dozen games. 8:00am – 8:30am Daily Standup Exercise All participants do a Daily Standup and a Not Daily Standup. 8:30am – 9:00am Meta Goals of Class with Glasses Illustration What participants will and will not get out of this course. 9:00am – 10:00am Three Roles, Three Meetings, Three Artifacts Lecture Introduce Scrum Roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Team Member), Meetings (Sprint Planning, Demo, Retrospective) and Artifacts (Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Burndown Chart) 10:00am – 10:30am House…

Open Enrollment IEEE Agile Software Development Class

Starting on October 17, I will be teaching an open enrollment class on agile software development through IEEE. At a cost of $340 (or $400 for non-members), the class is an excellent value. The class meets on six Saturdays: October 17, 24, 31 and November 7, 14, 21. Click here for more information on the class.

Why Don't I Floss My Teeth?

I’ve been going to the dentist for over thirty years. Whenever I visit the dentist, I’m told to floss twice a day. Flossing fights cavities, bad breath, and disease. Flossing is simple: it takes about two minutes and costs just a few cents. And yet I rarely floss my teeth. Why? The problem is not at the knowledge level. I know why transitioning from not flossing to flossing is a good idea, full of wonderful benefits for me and my teeth. The problem is not at the behavior level. I know how to floss my teeth because my dentist enthusiastically practices on me everytime I visit her. So if the problem is not at the knowledge level or the behavior level, what is the impediment…

What Does An Agile Coach Do?

A man is walking down the street and falls into a manhole. He calls his priest on his cell phone. The priest tells him to do thirty rosaries and the Lord will lift him out. He does the rosaries and the Lord does not lift him out. He then calls his therapist who writes him a prescription for Prozac. His therapist tells him that once he chills out he will be able to figure out how to get out of the manhole. He takes the Prozac but still finds himself stuck. He then calls his life coach who sends him a motivational tape and tells him to visualize his way out. The man does so and nothing happens. Finally, an agile coach walks by and…