Questions an Agile Coach Might Ask

Here are questions that an agile coach might ask before working with you and your organization:

* Tell me about your company.
* Tell me about your role.
* How does your company make money?
* How does your company develop software today?
* How does your company implement new training programs?
* What is the decision process for selecting a coach?
* Why are you planning to adopt Scrum?
* If you do not successfully adopt Scrum, what might the negative consequences be?
* What benefits do you expect to experience from transitioning to Scrum?
* On a scale of 1 to 5, how urgent is your need to transition to Scrum?
* What problems are there with your current development process?
* When do you plan to launch your first Scrum team? What are you doing to ensure that the launch will be successful?
* What is your ideal future state?
* What differences are there between your current state and your ideal future state?

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