Scrum Primer

A good way to learn more about Scrum is to study what Scrum is not.

Jimi Fosdick has a great new video on what’s not scrum?

Here are some of the points that Jimi makes:

* Organizations which modify Scrum in a way that hides organizational dysfunctionality are doing Scrumbut.
* Scrum has very few parts and there is not much to modify.
* Instead of changing Scrum, change the organization.
* Organizations need to change the way they think and what they value to do Scrum.
* Organizations should look radically different after they transition to Scrum.

TFS Scrum

What is the best source of information on how to do Scrum in Microsoft’s Team Foundation System (TFS)?

The best source is This site contains videos of great talks by Dan Mezick, Giora Morein, Ben Day, Phil Denoncourt, and Joe Maressa. Ben and Phil focus on using Team Foundation System to support agile.